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Photo Gallery

2015 Charity Food Fair & Thingyan Festival Cambridge 2015 Charity Food Fair & Thingyan Festival Cambridge Opening ceremony song and dance Thank you Saya U Kyi Toe and Ma Lwin for your lovely performance 198211117 Master of ceremonies Thank you Ko Okkar and Julia for helping us. 198211118 Thank you Kai, Mra and May Thu for coming and supporting us. 198211119 Monhingar, Boo-Thee kyaw, dan bauk (Birayani station) 198211120 Tofu salad, Shan noodle, mixed noodle salad section Thank you so much Ma Thet, Ma Jar Bauk and Christine 198211121 Fresh Spring roll Thank you Dr. Kyaw Min Thu & Dr. Sanda Thu 198211122 Mont-Lone-Yay-Paw Thank you Ei Khaing & Mi Pauk 198211123 Sheffield Dance Group Thank you so much to Ko Min Min Zin, Ma Thyn, Ko Aung Myint and everyone 198211124 198211125 Shwe Taung Kaukswe (noodle) Thank you Aunty Monica 198211126 Very popular Kyaukyaw drinks and tea/coffee 198211127 198211128 Wat That Htote Htoe and vermicilli Thank you Ma Sandar and Tu Tu & Ko Nyi 198211129 Mont-Phat-Htote & glutinous rice stuffed with meat Thank you Ma Htay Myint, Ma Nwe Win Thein and BDAUK (for Mont si kyaw) 198211131 Speech by Dr. Aung Aung Lwin on BFF activities and plans 198211132 198211130 Summary of fund raised 198211133